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Seiki Shiatsu

Shiatsu, also known as acupuncture without needles,  is a hands on treatment which originated in Japan.

Through physical pressure and release, Seiki Shiatsu frees up the body from physical tension and stimulates the body’s natural healing processes. By working with the meridians – the energy channels that run through and across the whole body – Seiki Shiatsu addresses the body as a whole, targeting the source of tension rather than its sole symptoms. 

What can Seiki Shiatsu help with?

  • release physical and emotional tension

  • stimulate better functioning of internal organs

  • improve blood circulation

  • ease chronic back pain

  • relieve pregnancy symptoms*


It is recommended to have an initial session, followed by a course of treatments to be planned on a case by case basis. If symptom-free you can enjoy a follow up treatment as occasionally as you wish. Treatment is performed fully clothed.

*to know more about the benefits of Shiatsu in Pregnancy you are invited to  read my article on The Natural Parent Magazine.

Our Services

Caroline Grundy

Shiatsu treatment with Chiara was magical. I feel both physically more relaxed with ease of movement and mentally calmer. A day later I am still floating. What a gift.

Zach Veitch

With her combination of personal care and deep expertise, Chiara has been taking care of my family for years. There is no-one I trust more for advice and treatment for rehabilitation.

Maria Kapala

I suffer from chronic back pain and my shiatsu session with Chiara really helped me ease tension on places I was hurting but also on other parts of the body I had a bit of discomfort and hadn't noticed.

Jennifer Evans

Chiara is extremely knowledgeable about the body, pregnancy and natural labour. She taught my husband (birth partner) about shiatsu and showed him the best pressure points to help relieve labour pain.

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