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About Me

Since childhood, I had an appreciation for movement that led me to train as a professional dancer. During my undergraduate studies at Trinity Laban, the discovery of Pilates has been an invaluable help in recovering from injuries and finding a deeper connection with my own physicality. Having been a dancer for most of my life I understood first-hand the importance of having a healthy body, and saw the potential in using my experience to enable others to cultivate their own body awareness, strength and flexibility. So I pursued my studies and qualified as a Body Control Pilates teacher.

Body Control Pilates & Master Matwork Teacher
Back4Good® Practitioner & Low Back Pain Specialist
Ante and Post-Natal Specialist
Reformer Certified
Seiki Shiatsu Therapist

In the years that followed, I took paths which made me travel around the world, from France all the way to Australia, and back to London. Along this journey I met amazing teachers and clients, including the Zen Monks, who taught me that only by “connecting your mind to your body, you can be truly alive and get in touch with the wonders of life”. Inspired by these encounters, I felt the need to complement my knowledge with meditation and mindfulness practices, and as my curiosity grew bigger, I turned my attention also towards Oriental medicine till I found the holistic approach I was looking for. Since the start of my training as Seiki Shiatsu Therapist, I begun to combine these elements with Pilates and gave life to a more integrated wellbeing experience.

When 2020 lockdown was announced, I too found myself having to adapt to a new reality. Yet, I saw this as an opportunity to put into practice 10 years of research and experience as mind-body wellness specialist, and at a time when I felt it was much needed. As a way to show solidarity and offer support during the pandemic, I started running my own “Online Community Classes”: donation-based and open to everyone across the globe, they also contributed to great causes such as Macmillan Cancer Support. Inspired by Pilates movements as well as Shiatsu and mindfulness practices, I believe these classes helped us all remain in-tune during these difficult times.

The choices we made and the paths we took have been exciting, and have given me the strength to build further resources to support our growing Online Community. So I have created this space to give you access to an increased range of ONLINE live group classes (as well as 121 tutoring), complement your practice with additional pre-recorded videos, and dabble in some meditation sessions too. The classes on this site are varied in nature, and can accompany your journey as beginner all the way to more experienced practitioners.

Although I wish for “normality” to return into your life soon, I am delighted to be here and committed to support your home practice whenever you need and wherever you are!

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