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Pilates is a type of mind-body conditioning originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates in early 20th century, and which evolved throughout the decades alongside medical research. In particular, Body Control Pilates® - world leading education provider for Pilates teaching - is remarkably effective and medically-approved. Central to the Method is ‘awareness of your own body’ and its exercises are built around eight principles:

Alignment - Breathing - Core Strength - Concentration - Coordination - Flowing Movements - Relaxation - Stamina

What can Pilates help with?

  • improve posture

  • build strength & flexibility

  • ease and manage back pain

  • enhance mental wellbeing

  • prevent injuries / help with rehabilitation

  • support the pre & postnatal period

It is always recommended to have an initial 121 session and postural assessment before enrolling in any Group Classes.

All you need to get started is a mat (or rug) a towel and a regular pillow.

Our Services

Nina Gold

Chiara's Pilates sessions have been so helpful. Her attention to detail, knowledge and care are fantastic and I always feel very safe in her hands, knowing I'm doing the best I could for my back and my health.

Gary & Tracy Hoather

My husband and I took up private online pilates during lockdown. We are more flexible, fitter and have improvements in our backs, abdomens and have learnt some great relaxation techniques.

Charlie Rothbart

As someone who is now living with a chronic back issue, Chiara’s clinical Pilates classes are incredibly important to me and play a key part in managing my condition, and her knowledge and skill in teaching me and others with physical injuries is second to none.

Helena Vallée Dallaire

Chiara's sessions were a great support during pregnancy to keep my body aligned and strong. The movements are easy and relaxing, while putting the entire body at work. The practice helped me feel ready for labor and feel better, sooner, in the post-partum period.

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